January 2020

Murder Mysteries At Home

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Attending a good murder mystery dinner is on my bucket list for 2020, but I've been reading about different versions that you can play at home with friends that have me pretty intrigued. I've played murder mystery games in public before and think it would be difficult to set up at home, but maybe it's easier on a small scale.

Snowy Village

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In the mood for some tasty Korean desserts? If so, you ought to check out Snowy Village if you haven't already. You'll find all kinds of milk-made snow, and you can get all the Traditional Bingsoo, specialty teas and French Taiyaki to your heart's content.

Everyone has been raving about the mango Bingsoo, which is an incredible towering treat! The chocolate version is also quite impressive, complete with candy rocks, and be sure to try the traditional Injeolmi flavor, which is sticky rice with a nutty flavor.

Taming Kitty Tangles

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Most of my life, I've had medium to short-haired cats, and although I always dreamed of having one with long hair, I never guessed at how badly her fur could clump up. This poor cat! Her fur can get so clumpy that it gives her trouble going to the bathroom and she needs frequent grooming help from her humans.

Breakfast For Dinner

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If it were up to my husband and teenager, every meal would be some variety of breakfast. Those two could eat a waffle bar, eggs and bacon, biscuits and gravy or French toast for every meal. That means it's easy to please them, sure, but since I'm a breakfast when I feel like it type of person, and I only feel like it maybe once a week, that means I'm usually eating a salad if they're into pancakes on any given night!

Stranger Things Season 4

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Okay 80s fans, is anyone else finding themselves suffering from Stranger Things withdrawal? Anyone else have the show on as background noise while you're doing chores or working from home, or listening to the soundtrack and getting misty-eyed over Hopper's last scene while listening to "Heroes"... okay, just me? Got it.

Feed Your Ex To A Meerkat

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Need the perfect gift for an ex this Valentine's Day? Love meerkats and just want to see one eat a cockroach? El Paso Zoo will  let you name a cockroach after your ex and have it fed to a meerkat this Valentine's Day!

You must message the zoo on their Facebook page and they'll take your order for a big, juicy cockroach that will be fed to the meerkats on February 14.

Researchers Find Carboranes Useful To Extract Uranium

     Carboranes are molecules made up of boron, carbon and hydrogen atoms in complex three-dimensional shapes. Fifty years ago, researchers decided that carboranes could be the next rocket fuel because they could release huge amounts of energy when they were burned. At the time, these carboranes were thought to have the capability to surpass the performance of conventional hydrocarbon rocket fuel.

Researchers In Japan Improve Boron Based Cancer Therapy

     As we learn more and more about the biology of cancer, we have been able to develop therapies that are based on selectively targeting and killing cancer cells. One such therapy is called boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT). This is a radiotherapy process which involves injecting boron into cancer cells and then exposing it to neutrons.