December 2019

Best Bugs For Your Garden

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Natural solutions to garden problems are always my favorite, especially if they're cheap and easy. Crushing egg shells at the base of my plants is one of my favorite ways to deter slugs and deer, although some studies say it doesn't work on slugs after all. Just make sure you rinse them well, otherwise you'll attract rodents!

Wash Wizard

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Since I'm not one for gimmicks, I don't often try products like the Wash Wizard. I even make my own cheap laundry detergent at home! So when I saw a few friends who do the same raving about it, I became quite curious.

Nuclear Technology 3 - Researchers Exploring Muon Technology For Monitoring Radioactive Materials - Part 3 of 5 Part

Part 3 of 5 Parts (Please read Parts 1 and 2 first)
   For three months in 2016, the team recorded the tracks of almost a half a million muons. The tracks were used to determine which of the twenty-four fuel assembly slots in the cask actually contained fuel assemblies and which of the slots were empty. They successfully identified full and empty slots in four out of six slot groupings.

December Cocktails

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While the month of December is cold enough to warrant a plethora of hot drinks in your home, I can't help but advocate for some ice-cold minty and chocolatey beverages as your Poison of Choice throughout the winter holidays. I love a hot drink, but what can I say? There's something wintry and Christmasy about cold, minty freshness, especially when combined with chocolate. A spiked hot cocoa with mint over ice? Perfect.

Stop the Exotic Animal Trade

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My husband and I would love to have a lemur, or maybe a tiny marmoset. We've pet them at animal rescue centers and really wanted to adopt some, and we've seen them for sale at animal shows. That said, we know better. It's much like using guns in this country--while we might enjoy shooting at cans and clay targets, one idiot (in this example, thousands of killer idiots) has to go and ruin it for the rest of us. That's why there shouldn't be guns and that's why we shouldn't have the exotic animal trade.

Lost Scottish City

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Have you heard of Skara Brae? It's an ancient lost city that a Scottish farmer discovered. Historians believe the city to be even older than the pyramids at over 5,000 years old. Covered with sand dunes, it's so well preserved that we can take a peek inside the underground city with these photos.