December 2019

A Totally 80s New Year

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So many people are excited about another "Roaring Twenties" decade, and I must admit it has its allure. Gin and tonic, anyone? Still, for those of us who are either nostalgic for the 80s or stuck in them no matter what, making the new decade one with 80s flair still has its appeal. So how do we go about it?

Pepper Pot Day

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Happy Pepper Pot Day, Hungry Bloggers! Just what is Pepper Pot Day, you might ask? I was wondering the same thing when I read about it. I don't remember learning about it in history, but it's a celebration of a soup that George Washington asked to be made during the Revolutionary War. Apparently it fortified the troops so much they declared it the soup that won the war, even though it was basically a bunch of pepper, pieces of whatever meat the cook could find and tripe. 


The Chinese Are Working On Space-based Solar Power

     Human civilization requires a great deal of energy to continue to operate and expand. Fossil fuels are going to be retired to help mitigate climate change. Nuclear power plants are popular in a few countries, but many existing power plants are being shut down as the industrialized West turns away from nuclear power.

Chinese Researchers Develop Improved Method Of Detecting And Tracking Orbital Debris

    One major problem confronting the exploration and exploitation of space is the amount of space junk in orbit around the earth. Old satellites, spent boosters, tools and debris from the International Space Station, and fragments and flakes of paint and metal from collisions between pieces of orbital junk make launching missions more dangerous that it once was.

Nuclear Reactors 746 - Idaho Falls Considering Purchase Of Electricity From Propose Nuclear Power Plant

    Idaho Falls (IF) is working on increasing the percentage of electrical generating capacity that it owns. This has been done three times before in the past thirty years. Their last acquisition was three megawatts of wind power at about thirty percent capacity factor.

Nuclear Reactors 745 - Russians Install Core Catcher For Corium Produced By Meltdown

    Last week, the Russian Rosatom State Corporation Engineering Division announced that it had a core melt localization device (CMLD) or “core catcher” in Unit 3 of Tamil Nadu’s Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant (KKNPP). A press release stated that the CMLD is designed to localize and cool any molten core materials that ate through the reactor core in a meltdown accident.

Nuclear Fusion 66 - Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory Explore New Way To Inject Boron Into Plasma In A Tokamak

    One of the most popular designs for a fusion reactor is the donut-shaped tokamak. A major problem with tokamaks is ensuring that the plasma that they contain has no impurities that would reduce the efficiency of the fusion reactions. Scientists at the U.S.