October 2019

The Horror of Being Prey

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We don't often think about the feelings, particularly the pain, that animals other than humans feel. With the exception of animal rights activists, it never crosses the minds of many people, but there's plenty of proof that animals feel pain and terror. This video of a snake eating a frog alive has been making its round and I can't even bear to listen to the frog scream in horror as the snake eats it. 

No Family Guy On Disney+

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If you're planning on subscribing to Disney+, keep in mind that not everything will be transfered there just because of all of Disney's buyouts. Sure, you'll find the traditional Disney movies and Star Wars, but they say that you will not be able to watch Family Guy or American Dad on the new streaming service.

Stranger Things Season 4

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Netflix has released a teeny, tiny teaser of Stranger Things season 4, and while it really doesn't show us much, it does confirm one thing: that we will have a fourth season! It also confirms something that the Duffer Brothers have been promising for years, that the show will venture out of Hawkins territory. We expected that to occur last season, and it sort of did with the food court, but not nearly as far as season four will likely go between wherever Eleven and Will move, not to mention Russia.

Helen Mirren Supports Trans People

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I'm already in love with Helen Mirren as an actress and want to see everything that she's in, but she's also an exceptional human being. If you look up old interviews of her, she's been putting people in their place since her youth and is completely unashamed of it. Watching her shut down a sexist interview during a time when it wasn't nearly as "in vogue" to do so (which really isn't fair, since it's still comnonplace) gave me goosebumps. Now she's making it clear that gender and sexuality are fluid and everyone just needs to accept that. 

American Beauty Crosley Record Player

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I think it's safe to say that many Grateful Dead fans have some sort of record player at home, especially if you're from a generation who was able to actually go and see Jerry and co. perform in person, but for those who don't and want to get one or want to give one as a gift, this American Beauty Crosley player is the perfect idea! It's from Dogfish Head and it features their logo as well as the iconic dancing bears.

Nuclear Reactors 722 - Sandia National Laboratory Invents Material That Can Slow Meltdowns In Nuclear Accidents - Part 1 of 2 Parts

Part 1 of 2 Parts
      When a nuclear reactor melts down, a substance is formed called corium which is composed of nuclear fuel, fission products, control rods, structural materials and other components forms. The corium proceeds to melt through the reactor vessel and continues melting through the soil and rock below the reactor building.