October 2019

Grateful Dead Costumes

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Grateful Dead fans love dressing the part, especially when it means super comfy jeans and tie-dye shirts. In fact, I just bought my tie-dye loving niece a kit for her birthday so she can wear some Grateful Dead swag whenever she wants! But what about honoring Jerry and the gang for Halloween? First of all, do you think it's honoring them if you're dressing up as real people? Some people say yes and some say no, and in this case it may only be down to the manner in which you dress and respect each member. 

Nightmare Before Christmas Goodies

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This Friday is my kiddo's annual Halloween teen party, which means pumpkin chuckin', costumes and lots of treats! We have a monthly teen night already, but the Halloween one is always the most popular event. This year I'd like to offer up some yummy themed goodies without paying too much. I'd love to have some Nightmare Before Christmas goodies, and while I found these great Jack pops that look very easy to make, I'd love some more ideas!

Best Halloween Goodies And Deals

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Last week we talked a bit about the many different cool indie sellers and their rewards programs, so I thought I'd open up a thread for us to share our favorite sources for Halloween deals and products. It's the best time of year to buy these products, after all! One that I recently ran across is Geeky Girl Candles, which has everything from Hocus Pocus to Friday the 13th themed candles, wax melts and sprays. They also have a bunch of other non-Halloween fandoms.