August 2019

Best Adult Party Games

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Adult games are everything right now. They never fail to make me laugh SO hard, which is desperately needed these days! The trick, of course, is to make sure you only play with people you're comfortable with. While I'm sure it would still be amusing to play with people you don't know well sometimes, in my experience it just makes things a bit awkwad. For big belly laughs, form a group of friends with similar senses of humor so no one gets offended.

Chaffle Sandwiches

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Hungry people, I love a good sandwich. Sometimes I'll get one with real bread, but normally I just eat a deconstructed one without bread since I eat low-carb for health reasons. I'm always looking for a good cloud bread or easy bread recipe to use for something like a grilled cheese, and I can't wait to try something I just read about in one of my cooking groups. It's called a chaffle, which is just a waffle made out of cheese and eggs!

Seattle Popcorn

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Are you a popcorn fan? It's probably one of my top 10 favorite foods. Even though I know it's bad, if I get it at the store I'll get the PopSecret Homestyle brand, which I love, but if I want something really fantastic, I'll get it from Seattle Popcorn. Not only is it healthier than most store brands and made in small batches, it's just really good quality popcorn.

Brian Griffin Gives Snoop Dogg A Run For His Money

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Brian Griffin is the favorite Family Guy character for many a fan. He's often the voice of reason for the family (except when he's really, really not), he's a writer who procrastinates and drinks like so many other writers do, and he's Stewie's best buddy in the most hilarious way. But did you know that Brian is also adept at the art of singing classic Snoop songs like "Deep Cover"?

Builder Frogs Put Your Backyard To Shame

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As kids, we're taught that there's a lot that separates us from the rest of the beasts, from opposable thumbs to the ability to use tools. The older I get, though, the more I see that these thumbs can be pretty overrated, and all kinds of species use tools to accomplish tasks. Many animals even build better than humans seem to be able to do! Take the Goliath frog, for example.

Octopus Arms Think For Themselves

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As a cat owner, I've always wondered whether my cats have full control of their tails, or if they have "minds of their own." Some of them are constantly flopping around, others only do when the animals seem irritated and it's confusing, darn it! Scientists say that the arms of an octopus have minds of their own, which frankly doesn't surprise me at this point. Does it surprise you?

Peachy Drinks To Celebrate Summer

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It is the perfect time of year to celebrate all things peachy, from peach picking to peach drink mixing! Once you're done slicing your peaches for your drinks? Use any extra top top some ice cream on a hot day. Yum! I can't get enough peaches, myself, and every time my lovely aunt sends me a photo of whatever new concoction she's made from her peach tree's fruit, I want to fly over and try it!

Harvesting Onions

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The lovely thing about onions (and garlic, for that matter) is that you can harvest your crop at any time, which can result in varying flavors. But did you know how to check to see if your onions have already grown as large as they're able? According to the National Garden Association, onion leaves lose their color when they've stopped growing. They get all floppy and weak, telling you that it's time to reap what you've sown.

Tethers Unlimited Has Developed A System For Deorbiting Small Dead Satellites

       I have blogged before about all the debris orbiting the Earth left over from space launches. It is estimated that there are more than one hundred million pieces of debris that are less than 1 centimeter in size. They are too small to track with radar but are big enough to cause serious damage to a space craft because they are traveling so fast.

Nuclear Weapons 692 - Explosion At Russian Missile Test Facility May Have Involved A Nuclear Powered Cruise Missile



Village of Nyonoksa:

        Recently I blogged about a fire on a Russian experimental submersible that killed fourteen Russian sailors. The Russians delayed announcing the fire and deaths for days and there are still a lot of unanswered questions about exactly what happened.

Round-Faced Cat Cutie

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There are so many cute cats and dogs on Instagram these days that another one may not sound that exciting at first, but I promise that Zuu is definitely something unique! Zuu is a cat with an almost perfectly round face, and the cat's adorable cotton ball-like appearance is stealing everyone's heart. The cat looks like a forest spirit from a Studio Ghibli movie rather than a house cat!