July 2019

Nuclear Reactors 696 - Russia Provides Strong Support For Its Nuclear Industry

       While arguments and lawsuits fly around in the U.S. at the city, state and federal level with regard to the location and operation of commercial nuclear power plants, other nations governments are pouring manpower and resources into the development and construction of nuclear power reactors.

Stranger Things Left Me With All the Feels

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Spoilers ahead! 

Is anyone else still reeling with feels after binging season three of Stranger Things, which is pretty much what we did for the Fourth of July this year? Holy. Cow. I can't even. First of all, the series was more Totally Eighties! than ever, which I loved. I loved Max and Eleven becoming friends, the gruesome gore of the season, Hopper trying to deal with parenthood and his and Joyce's relationship. There are some things I didn't love, of course, but I felt like it was a really good season. 

DIY Madeleines

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My teen and I are huge fans of madeleines. The kid loves them half-dipped in chocolate but I enjoy them plain, just as they are. Since I avoid sugar most of the time I was super excited to see this low-carb recipe for madeleins at KetoDietBlog. As soon as I get a good pan to make them in, I'm definitely going to try it. This recipe is for a buttery, vanilla-y flavor that I can't wait to try with my London fog!

Menstrual Hacks

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When it's that time of the month (I call it Zuul's visit), things can get tricky. Sometimes the pain is so terrible I feel like I can't do anything, but working from home means you work through it, right? At least you can do it with a heating pad and no shoes or bra on if you like. Sometimes having a period throws everything off; anyone who's tried primitive camping on your menstrual cycle can attest to that! 

John Mayer's First Time

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If you've always wanted to hear how Dead & Co. got started, you should definitely check ou tthis video of John Mayer playing with Bob Weir for the first time on the Late Show. It's a great performance, but it's also a piece of the Dead's history. Mayer seems to be the longest running stand-in after Garcia shuffled off this mortal coil of dancing bears in 1995 and perhaps he'll be around much longer, too.

Playing Outside Is Good For You

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Nature bathing, nature therapy, time outside, outdoor fix... whatever you call it, spending time outside is good for you. There's a reason why people love to go camping, hiking and boating. Even though outdoor adventures can be exhausting, it's a good thing because it's healthy for many people. Being outside has been found to be helpful in preventing or treating everything from depression to obesity to anxiety and immune health.

Peter Griffin Belongs In Jail

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Have you ever stopped to consider all of the crimes Peter Griffin is guilty of committing throughout his life? If we added them all up, the idiot would truly be locked away for a long time, assuming Lois's rich father didn't bail him out (he wouldn't), or Joe's cop friends didn't pull strings for him (unlikely).