March 2019

Nuclear Reactors 662 - Nuclear Industry Appealing To Nuclear Regulatory Commission For Relief From Inspections and Reporting

       Many years ago, shortly after I left college, I was talking to some folks about nuclear power. I said that I was confident that engineers could design safe systems but that we would have to rely on government and industry to be far more competent and honest than they had ever been in order to use nuclear power without major accidents.

Nuclear Reactors 661 - Nuclear Regulatory Commission Issues New Rules Based On Preventing Another Fukushima Disaster

       One of the major problems that could impact the global nuclear industry is a meltdown at a nuclear power plant. When the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan was destroyed by flooding following a tsunami in March of 2011, the shock of the accident reverberated around the world. Germany decided to retire all of its nuclear power reactors.

Irish Whiskey Libations

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St. Patrick's Day is just a few days away, so what better time than to explore your options when it comes to drinks that feature Irish whiskey? Even if you're not a big whiskey drinker, if you plan on having a drink or two this weekend it might be a great time to try something new out. 

This Week in Women's News

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Isn't it the best and worst time to be a woman? We can vote, and work, and wear pants, but the greatest threat to our lives and safety isn't cancer or heart disease but... men. Our bodies are regulated to the extreme, we're judged no matter what we do and look like, and if we enter the world of politics, our hairstyle and dance moves are examined more closely than our policies. Fun! This week in women's news...

Ship Of Fools

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Most major metropolitan areas seem to have a few tribute bands, and many of those are of the Grateful Dead variety. What's so fabulous about Deadheads who play tribute music is that they often bring their own schtick to the mix, playing in homage to Jerry and company but also bringing their own sound to the table, making something truly unique in the process. Deadheads are already brought together in solidarity by the music of the Dead so it only makes sense that they would help communities bond in the same spirit.