October 2018

Best Family Guy Musical Numbers

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It's not like there are a million musical numbers on Family Guy, but there are enough for us all to have our absolute favorites. The theme song itself is a musical number, so technically there's one in each episode, but many episodes don't have a number outside that one. Still, they are often the funniest moments of the show.

Nuclear Reactors 625 - BWXT Nuclear Engineering Is Working Under A NASA Grant To Develop Nuclear Thermal Propulsion

        The idea of using nuclear power for spaceflight has been around for decades. Different designs have been proposed but not built. It looks as if technology has caught up reality and NASA is seriously considering the use of nuclear propulsion systems to power spacecraft.

Nuclear Fusion 51 - MIT Students Are Working On ARC Reactor Designs - Part 2 of 2 Parts

Part 2 of 2 Parts (Please read Part 1 first)
        At MIT, a class was challenged with the task of finding a way to get rid of excess heat in reactors built to the new designs. Engineers from Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories and Commonwealth Fusion Systems worked with fourteen MIT students and Dennis Whyte, the director of MIT’s Plasma Science and Fusion Center who taught the class.

Trump Tax Info, Please

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It's really not hard to believe that Donald was a millionaire at age 8. He exhibits plenty of characteristics of affluenza. What's grotesque is how he's used everything his father handed him to put pressure on poorer people, which he seems to continue to do today. As much as he brags about what he makes, shouldn't Donald be willing to brag about his tax info, too?

Radioactive Waste 353 - Researchers Are Studying The Deterioration Of Glass Logs Used To Store Radioactive Waste

       Vitrification of nuclear waste is a process where nuclear waste is mixed with sand and other chemicals and then baked to melt all the ingredients into glass logs. Those logs are then placed in a geological repository for long term storage. Some countries are using this technique for the disposal of wastes created by the production of nuclear weapons.