July 2018

Radioactive Waste 343 - University Of Helsinki Researchers Utilize Electrospun Sodium Titanate To Remove Strontium From Contaminated Water

       The Ion Exchange for Nuclear Waste Treatment and for Recycling is a research group at the Department of Chemistry at the University of Helsinki. Recently, they have been working on materials that can be used to remove radioactive contamination from water.

Nuclear Fusion 48 - Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics' Wendelstein 7-X Stellarator Sets New Fusion Product Records

       The Max Planck Institute of Plasma Physics is a German physics institute dedicated to the exploration of plasma physics for potential use in the creation of commercial fusion power reactors. It is an institute of the Max Planck Society and has two sites; one in Garching near Munich and one in Greifswald.

Nuclear Reactors 579 - The U.S. House Energy And Commerce Subcommittee On Energy Has Just Released Four New Bills Dealing With Nuclear Energy

       The U.S. House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Energy approved four bills on Thursday for release to the House Energy and Commerce Committee. The chairman of the subcommittee said that these four bills “would take important steps to address key challenges facing the U.S.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Is Working On New Ways To Produce Actinium-225 For Medical Applications

       Actinium-225 is a rare medical radioisotope. Treatments based on the use of actinium have been tested on leukemia, melanoma, glioma and prostate cancer and found to be effective. Most of the Ac-225 that has been produced has come from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Two other international sources have produced smaller amounts of Ac-225.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Researching Use Of Deep Learning To Identify Signals Related To Radioactive Decay

        Radioactive decay occurs when the nucleus of an unstable atom ejects an elementary particle such as an electron or neutron and changes to a different isotope which may be a different element. It is a ubiquitous natural phenomenon.